Bad stuff, “high fructose corn syrup!” This common sweetener has come to be synonymous with “evil ingredient,” and in many people’s opinions, the obesity epidemic across the US and beyond. Packaged goods corporations, soda makers and food farmers have relied on it as an inexpensive sweetener and a preservative.  

A presentation given by an Executive from Cargill Corn Milling in 2009 showed that High Fructose Corn Syrup was the 5th most searched for ingredient on labels:

Calories 57%

Sugars 40%

Sodium 35%

Carbohydrates 24%

High Fructose Corn Syrup 21%

As people began to wise up on in its affect on health, sales of foods containing it as an ingredient began to decline.

Time to rebrand!

A collation of interested parties banded together to rename the ingredient, and today, you often see it listed as “fructose” or “corn sugar.”

Whether considered devious or not, a rebrand is an effective way to restore a reputation has been damaged.