Global Brand Works, a small-but mighty branding agency, is seeking a mid-level, contract, part-time, Account Person. If interested, please send your information to

Who is Global Brand Works?

Founded 6 years ago by branding industry veterans Caroline McNally and Shannon Riordan, Global Brand Works has enjoyed steady and consistent growth year-over-year, by coalescing custom teams of freelancers. It is now time to take our strategic and creative agency to the next level with our first long-term and consistent team member.

Caroline and Shannon have worked together harmoniously for over 20 years. Our relationship, based on trust, respect, and humor, is the foundation for an open and nurturing working environment. We have never advertised our marketed our agency – our clients come to us based on reputation.

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We will meet you where you are.

Above experience, we value chemistry, the ability to learn quickly, emotional intelligence, and humor. For the right person, we will mold the job to you, but our initial thoughts for the position are:

What you are like

The type of work you will do

You will be working on some sort of mix of the following, depending on what you are good at, what you want to do, and what you want to learn:

Account Management. Typical client-related tasks such as calendaring, status reports, budget monitoring, managing timelines, managing creative teams.

Presentation design. Perfect formatting to the pixel.

General proficiency in Graphic Design. You can handle the light stuff and know what to pass on to our graphic design team.

Writing and Storytelling. You are an excellent writer and can help on content from proposal writing to creative storytelling

Social Media. You know stuff beyond adding a laundry list of hashtags

Technical Build Out. Bring us up to speed by organizing us with the latest project management technologies.


November/December: Review CVs and resumes of potential candidates

December: Video conference interviews

January: Offer extended/start


If interested, please send your information to