We had the pleasure of joining SFMOMA’s staff for the presentation of LaPlaca Cohen’s 3rd annual Evolution of Culture presentation, onsite at the museum’s Phyllis Wattis Theater.  We learned some fascinating nuggets, such as, the #1 driver to engage in culture is to “have fun.”  (81%)

We also learned that the definition of culture has widened.  These are the top 10 activities defined as “Cultural” in the USA:

  1. Historic attraction/museum
  2. Art/ Design museum
  3. Community Festival/ Street Fair
  4. Music Festival
  5. Natural History Museum
  6. Public/ Street Art
  7. Food and Drink Experience
  8. Musical
  9. Classical Music
  10. Play (non-musical)

From LaPlaca Cohen:

“Cultural organizations are facing a paradigm shift.  For today’s audiences, the definition of culture has democratized, nearly to the point of extinction. It’s no longer about high versus low or culture versus entertainment; it’s about relevance or irrelevance. Activities that have traditionally been considered culture and those that haven’t are now on a level playing field.”

As we work with SFMOMA to re-articulate their brand strategy, we are taking a robust look at culture’s purpose in an increasingly complex landscape.

More highlights can be found here:  https://culturetrack.com/