Announcing a new strategic partner: TransgressiveX

We have partnered with a new, super smart, tech-based innovator in the customer insights space and can't wait to bring them around!

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A controversial rebrand – The Met

Spoiler alert: We like it.

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We won an award!

We are one of Gramercy Institute's Most Valuable Partners in financial marketing

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PayPal moves to #90 in Interbrand’s Top Global Brands list

PayPal is soaring and we get to develop the company's first ever Global Brand Governance strategy

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Rebranding: Don’t just change your logo, retell your story

The biggest mistake companies make when rebranding is to explain it by making it about themselves. Resist the urge.

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7 Basic Tips for Logo Design Development

Don't cut corners on logo design - here are important tips to keep the design process on track.

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Shannon joined Jacqueline Quasney, Personal Capital, and Scott Redick, Charles Schwab to talk brand

A great talk happened today on Leveraging and Enhancing the Financial Brand in 2016 at The Grammercy Forum

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The new UBER branding

Is it good? Is it bad? Does it matter?

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Happy New Year!

Here's to new brands and new beginnings in 2016. Happy New Year!

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