For our client, Fresh Victor, who asked for help in developing their brand strategy, we proposed a brand workshop as part of the process (as we usually do).  They asked, why workshop?

Well, here is why we do workshops:

The workshop’s objective is to discover the genuine, authentic soul of your brand. The brand strategy articulation that it generates will be a meaningful understanding of who you are and what your brand stands for – a solid positioning that reflects your vision, values, and purpose.

To develop a clear and compelling brand strategy that is differentiating and relevant, we need to understand underlying emotional drivers that go beyond demographics. That’s where the workshop comes in.

Comprised of people who can represent the brand from different angles, we facilitate a process that often times gets people “unstuck,” or provokes an “aha” moment. What an executive or founder can bring to the brand can be expanded by a shopper, retailer, distributor, or store tester’s perspective as well.

Our creative (and fun) exercises, stimulus materials, and facilitation approach get everyone out of their defined boxes, erase assumptions, and invite fresh, creative thinking through the workshop.