“The greatest sales deck I’ve ever seen” (a repost on storytelling from Andy Raskin)

This is lifted from a post on LinkedIn by Andy Raskin in September 2016. We love this thinking and have applied it for our clients, and so very happy to share…

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Brand Positioning and The Successful Digital Transformation of Netflix

Positioning the brand beyond the functional

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How to tell a compelling brand story: Listen, Look, Leverage

As quoted from Caroline McNally in Wordstream's blog

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Congratulations to our client PayPal, one of the fastest growing brands

PayPal continues to shoot up in Interbrand's Best Global Brands, and is up 12% in 2017.

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Cultural organizations are facing a paradigm shift

As we work with SFMOMA to re-articulate their brand strategy, we are taking a robust look at culture's purpose in an increasingly complex landscape

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Strong brands outperform the market

Strong brands drive acceleration in growth periods or retain value during recessions.

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The financial value of a brand – not a new concept

Smart guy, this John Stuart...

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Oh Virgin! Are you really going to go?

As a person in branding, this feels like murder.

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How AirBnb lives an authentic brand story.

A company can’t just tell a story for story’s sake- it has to BE a real story. Manufactured, made-up storytelling and false promises will eventually…

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