When we first started chatting w our long-time friend from the other side of the pond, Nadim Sadek, founder of TransgressiveX, we knew that had designed something special in the world of consumer insights that Global Brand Works wanted to be part of.  

Nadim has united a global brain trust of seasoned CEOs, CMOs and Agency Leaders who were frustrated with long timelines, high costs, rear-view focus, and lengthy reports comprised of white noise and unusable data when it came to listening to customers.  We were most impressed that the TX founding team started with a clean slate and a concise mission: reinvent brand research to help drive better marketing. With no legacy systems and no outside requirements blocking the path to pure innovation, the team gave rise to TX.


TX is essentially a new way to discover insights and give direction to better marketing.

TX is a survey-based approach that enables companies to make product and marketing decisions based on their contribution to brand values and commercial success. Its approach leverages cutting edge thinking in neuroscience technology and survey research techniques to provide a more accurate reflection of a customer’s relationship with a brand through an engaging survey experience that balances emotional and rational drivers.


The TX approach is quantitative, but delivers the depth of qualitative. Data is collected digitally, on phones, computers, or tablets, and in 10-minute modules based on 16 drivers that measure the pull and push of a brand (the orange squares represent seduction and the blue persuasion).

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.57.13 PM


  • Comparatively evaluate alternative propositions based on competitive differentiation.
  • Track brand health.
  • Detect where relationships are breaking along the consumer journey.
  • Identify which product expansion is most relevant.

We love that TX is fusing current best practice with innovations available through science and technology, and the truth is, they are smarter than us on this stuff.  If TX’s approach interests you, we are happy to make an introduction for you to learn more!