Planning to launch a brand training initiative in the New Year?  Here is a free resource to get you started: an approach to make your brand story to life across a global organization.

Your objective should go something like this: Create and understanding among all employees that:

  1. The brand is a precious asset that must be grown and protected
  2. The brand is more than the logo. It is about prioritization, decisions, actions, and behavior.  
  3. Every employee, no matter their role, contributes to the success, or denigration, of the brand.


Phase 1/ Brand 101: All-employee training via a highly produced, engaging, interactive, and fun online module.  This is the most efficient and scalable way to reach everybody across a large, global organization.

Phase 2/ Brand 102: In-depth training for employees closest to the customer via 60-90 minute sessions that are in in person or via webinar.  This includes development of an on-boarding module.

Phase 3/ Department-Specific: Customized and relevant content for how specific teams can live the brand (Legal/ Finance/ Product/ Operations, etc.)

Phase 4/ Content-Specific: Customized subject-matter content, targeted to specific employee segments as relevant (Customer Empathy/ Visual Identity/ Brand Voice and Messaging/ Co-Branding/ Brand Architecture, etc)

Download a matrix template for customization in PPT. To get it, email

You are welcome.  Happy Planning for the New Year!