Australian Copywriter K. M. Wade asked us to help compile some great advice on branding for small businesses. Following is Shannon’s published quote, and the full piece can be found here.

“Many small and medium businesses overlook their employees as important ambassadors of developing a strong brand that is authentic, relevant, and differentiating.

Companies must embody an ongoing practice that instils, among internal teams, an intrinsic (not memorized) understanding what a company’s brand stands for, why it’s important, and what their role is in growing and protecting it. Here are five reasons to support this strategy:

– When employees understand the brand purpose, its promise is strengthened externally – naturally.

– When employees understand the brand, they are galvanized by a common sense of direction and aspiration.

– Employees are inspired by being an ambassador of an important company initiative.

– Understanding the brand makes storytelling come naturally.

– Employees prioritize and make decisions based on the same north star.

When teams understand, care about, and trust in the brand, they are more interested in being part of the story. They are more convinced of purpose, and their loyalty to the company increases, driving better business results.”

  • Shannon Riordan