Clutch is a platform that helps businesses make buying decisions by serving up personally validated reviews from clients and customers.  We conduct interviews, validate sources, collect data, and compare competitors to help businesses find vetted partners for their next big project.  Many of our agencies, such a Global Brand Works, get their leads from businesses who find them on our site. 

This week, we feature a 5-star review of Global Brand Works.  It was recently posted on Clutch from a Global Standards Industry Organization for naming services. The client was in need of a very demanding deliverable: a globally acceptable, legally own-able name and visual for an automotive standards business. 

After client and agency agreed to a strategic creative brief, GBW generated a 400-option list of naming possibilities that ranged from evocative to descriptive.  The client then narrowed to a series of finalists, for which GBW created robust and in-depth reports on now each option would impact trademark-ability, domain availability, social media handle availability, pronounceability, cultural appropriateness, and readability.  Each finalist name was given a risk factor using GBW’s proprietary algorithm. 

In our live 1:1 interview, the client praised GBW for their thoughtfulness, deep knowledge and expertise in global naming, and how they delivered each step with clarity and substantiation.

Most notably, the client applauded GBW’s quick pace while maintaining professionalism. The client also appreciated GBW’s flexibility and ability to adapt to rapidly changing needs that often come with a large, global, matrixed organization. The client was highly impressed with GBW’s organization and project management style: 

“All the options they gave us were great. They were very thorough with their reports. Their team showed flexibility, accommodating changes along the way. They did a great job of thinking about a global audience.”

Branding Manager, Global Standards Industry Organization 

We are excited to help Global Brand Works be recognized on Clutch as a leading branding agency, and help the world see how they can deliver.  Visit Clutch to see 9 more client reviews. 

Whether you are a new company that is looking to establish your brand story, or an established business that is ready for a rebrand, please check out Global Brand Works.