Rapid growth left this global payment technology provider with a product suite not aligned with client priorities. Our task was to bring clarity to Vantiv’s suite of product offerings, which had evolved, expanded, or were the result of acquisitions.  But one thing had not changed: what clients wanted and expected from Vantiv.  We needed to help Vantiv help clients understand, choose and use.

To get there, GBW conducted an in-depth listening tour with key stakeholders, delivered an in-depth competitor audit, and conducted a half day workshop on security messaging.  One of the exercises was to categorize different positioning strategies using these tags.

The outcome: Vantiv was able to elevate their offering within their brand story.  The company’s suite of security products now leverage Vantiv’s best-in-class products, renowned innovative spirit, extensive relationships, boundary-pushing technology, and respected thought leaders to protect payment transactions and give their clients peace of mind.

In a follow-up survey, this is what one participant had to say: “I think this exercise showed that the key stakeholders are in agreement on Vantiv’s place in the market space. It gave us the opportunity to elaborate on certain aspects that we haven’t touched on in years. Thank you Global Brand Works for getting us into shape!”