Sparkle House needed an identity that reflects its architectural uniqueness and its touch of magic.

Creating a logo that encapsulates the essence of a brand is one of my favorite parts of running a branding agency.  Sparkle House is a 3-unit mid-term rental property that I purchased with a partner in Sebastopol, California.  As a first-time landlord, I was drinking through the firehose in setting up the business.  But in establishing the brand?  Easy.  I was excited and ready!

Conceived in December 2021 by a partnership brimming with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence, the venture embarked on developing more than just an income property business.  We aim to stand for community, gratitude, comfort, and sustainability.

“Sparkle House” not only inherits its name from its location on Sparkes Road but also from the distinctive character of the property itself. It’s a place where we strive to deliver the sparkle of a delightful experience, aptly summarized by the brand purpose: “a sense of community with a touch of magic.”

The logo’s graphic intention is inspired by the architectural uniqueness of the window design. The distinctive, repetitive squares, stacked like a pyramid, serve as a muse. The windows’ pattern is abstracted into cross-like graphics which evoke the imagery of sparkling lights—simple yet evocative of the property’s name and the magical experiences it promises.

The typeface is welcoming and easy to read, reflecting the accessibility and kindness that Sparkle House strives to offer its guests.

Animation adds another layer of meaning and connection to the “sparkle” concept. Subtle movements suggest the twinkling of stars or the gentle shimmer of the sun setting on the vineyards, bringing the static image to life.

This logo is a storyteller. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design—the logo servs as a symbol that promises more than just a place to stay, but a place where memories are made, and where every stay is sprinkled with a little bit of magic.

For rental availability or to read sparkling and magical testimonials about Sparkle House, click here.

Shannon Riordan
Creative Direction and Graphic Design