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To deliver ‘on brand’ content, we encourage our clients to create a check list as a means to evaluate every touch point, whether it be a banner ad, a splash page, a job description, web content, or a social media post.

Checklists will evaluate different things for different companies.  Here are 8 check list questions to start with:

  1. Does it communicate the spirit of the heart of the brand promise?
  2. How are you making sure it is relevant to the end user?
  3. Are the correct fonts and colors, and logo used?
  4. Does the imagery reflect the look, tone and feel that is put forward in the brand guidelines?
  5. Is it authentic to who we actually are, or is it just talk?
  6. Does it do anything to put the brand or intellectual property at risk?
  7. Is it different from the competition? 
  8. Has it been submitted to and approved by the right internal groups, such as the brand team and/or legal/ compliance?

Have you used check lists? And if yes, what are some of the questions you use?