Of all the disciplines in the world of branding, coming up with a compelling, own-able name requires a specific path and process. We’ve honed in on ours into a 10-step approach over the years, here is how it goes:

  1. Establish the brand platform, which articulates positioning, beliefs, benefits, and personality.
  2. Debate the benefits, pros, cons, and opportunities with descriptive versus evocative versus empty vessel names.
  3. Understand the requirements for trademarking as it relates to categories and geographies.
  4. Understand brand architecture and future branding expectations.
  5. Eliminate areas t the competition owns, and identify where there is white space for the taking.
  6. Depending on the scope of the project, we launch with multiple creative teams, and then put all submissions in one big bucket. (It is quite interesting when multiple teams come up with the same name)! This could be around 500 options (see video).
  7. Caroline and Shannon cull that down by about half (200-250) to create the first round client presentation. At this point, we warn everybody not to fall in love, as nothing is yet cleared.
  8. In a few rounds of review, we end up with 10-20 finalists, and submit those for clearance. Every name will carry with it some level of risk. For instance, if the name is for a new kind of hair cutting scissors, and that name is taken by a hair salon, there is slight risk. If it is taken by a shoe maker in Italy, there is very little risk. If it is taken by a children’s craft scissors, there is high risk – but still possible to own.
  9. Our clearance process is rigorous. We look at:
    • Patents and Trademarks, live and expired, in the appropriate number of categories and jurisdictions
    • A by-hand Google search 3 pages down
    • URL ownership
    • Social media handle use
    • Cultural and linguistic evaluation
  10. The final deliverable is at least 3 on-brand, and cleared names from which to select the final. It is the responsibility of the client’s legal team to make the final call, and file for the trademarks.

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