Livin’ Quality is a personal development platform for people aged 16-26. Via education, seminars, coaching, experiences and mentorship programs, Livin’ Quality challenges the traditional way that young people learn, develop, make choices, get inspired, and prioritize. The innovative platform harnesses the optimism of youth in order to set the right foundations early in life.

We developed the strategy, messaging (the content above, for instance), logo, and visual identity for this innovative start-up.

To invoke the brand elements of “Freedom” and “Possibility,” we developed a unique system based on an invisible grid. The grid allows for dynamic placement of the Journey Bird and bold application of staggered and mixed text. The result is a system that offers maximum flexibility but within a defined framework.
The imagery system uniquely mixes an eclectic mix of line illustration and photography to invoke the concept of possibility and creativity.
With messaging and guidelines clearly established, launch materials came together quickly and efficiently.

Uniquely, the animation breaks up the logo elements, challenging the normal approach, in which the logo elements come together and settle. The Journey Bird taking off in flight is a direct symbol for the students and program participants taking off in life.

Designer: John Ledwith. Writer: Susan Reid