The answer is yes.

We even find ourselves mincing these words from time to time.  Hopefully this blog post brings some light on the subject.

First of all, values.  Values are a shared set of beliefs and principles. They come from the inside; key stakeholders of the business discover and determine them. Values shape internal culture, which drives how a company behaves. Values get translated into into the brand-driven strategies and tactics that determine how the company shows up to key audiences. It is the perceptions of those audiences that defines the brand.

A brand lives in customers’ and employees’ hearts and minds, in the form of reputation and identity. It is developed over time through visual style, verbal style, and behaviors, to deliver an experience and an expectation.

Here is a summary:

Some real world examples of what that looks like:

This incorrect over-simplification is easy to make: Values are internal and Brand is external.  But that is not quite correct.  A rectangle is a square but a square isn’t a rectangle.  Brand is not values, but values help make a brand.

Does that help?  Would love to hear more thoughts about this in the comments!