In this B2B2C brand example, we share the story of project that required careful navigation of a complex, matrixed, global, consensus-driven environment, comprised of many of the world’s most powerful brands.

The readers of the blog are likely familiar Bluetooth, but probably haven’t given much thought to the entity behind it: a global standards entity that manages, protects, and governs how the Bluetooth symbol is used.

Bluetooth is both a brand an an “acceptance mark,” signifying what can be paired with what. The mark is trusted because a standards entity governs how things get qualified, approved to developed with Bluetooth Technology.



CCC Digital Key is similar : a mark and a global standards for digital key sharing for across automobile brands.


CCC Digital Key is the brainchild of the Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC), a cross-industry organization advancing technologies for smartphone-to-car connectivity solutions.





The inspiration behind the logo embeds 3 C’s as a reference to CCC (Car Connectivity Consortium), as the key’s handle, which doubles to depict  the story of an emanating signal. 

The animation further expresses the story with each C/wave pulsing until it leaves the key to unlock a door.



Visual Identity Guidelines provide the guardrails for smart phone companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, and car manufactures like Daimler, BMW, and Toyota to apply the mark consistently and to protect the end-user experience.


Because stakeholders in the consortium were senior-level decision makers from Apple, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, vivo, BMW, VW, Diamler, Toyota, and more, one of the requirements for success was global cross-industry consensus building. GBW provided analytics and best practices use cases to support recommendations, and created syndication strategies to help secure agreement along the way.


“Their accommodating, transparent project management style encouraged confidence in the quality of the relationship. They exceeded internal expectations”

​-Seda Ertrem, Branding Manager, Car Connectivity Consortium

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