It was the 10-year anniversary of the department’s inception, and so it was time to take the event up a notch.  The goal was to leave an 850-person team motivated and inspired.

The employees and partners had seen a lot of changes, but the dust was settling and the future was looking bright.  Something great was on the horizon – and that concept was the inspiration for the event’s theme: On The Verge Of Something Great.

To ground that energy visually, our talented Creative Director, John Ledwith, created a graphic connector derived from an undulating spiral graphic, designed using the brand’s existing color palette.  Typography is bold, and applied vertically to convey that we were not going along with the status quo:

To make the theme really come to life, we also created two dynamic and visually-impactful key note presentations.  The visual identity will be applied throughout out the year to keep the energy and theme alive.

Feedback from the event was positive, and the shift in mojo was apparent.  Thank you BOTW for such a great project!



Strategy: Shannon Riordan and Caroline McNally

Designer: John Ledwith

Writer: Shannon Riordan and Caroline McNally