When we work with clients such as PayPal, SFMOMA, and American Express to infuse the brand internally, we use the concept of the financial value of the brand to help explain the importance of growing and protecting the brand.

Putting a number to what many think of as an esoteric concept or “just the logo” really helps make the concept come alive.

Our programs are never One and Done. Internal Brand Engagement starts with onboarding, and continues in a cycle of communications, exercises, events, interactive challenges, videos, and more. And we avoid PowerPoint decks at all costs!

People more readily understand how to apply financial value to a tangible asset – like a building – versus an intangible asset such as a brand or a trademark or a patent. Another thing the people understand is a chart with lines that go UP or go DOWN.

Enjoy this short video, which we created as part of a self-guided online module for all employees for a global FinTech client.