HRMI is the first global initiative to track the human rights performance of countries.  Because for human rights to improve, they need to be measured, and until HRMI’s brilliant innovation, there was no independent, reliable, global source for the data.

When co-Founder Anne-Marie Brook reached out to us for branding help, we were thrilled to get to be part of such an important and world-changing initiative.

For HRMI, we started with the development of a brand strategy which delivered purpose, target audience, functional attributes, emotional benefits, values, brand personality, and heart of the brand promise (which, Silicon-Valley joke aside could easily have been, truly, authentically, “make the world a better place.”)  We ended up with the more sharply-expressed brand essence: “Advancing Human Dignity.”

The logo, designed by Creative Director John Ledwith, features 12 dots, which represent the first 12 metrics to be measured.  The dots also pull apart to represent the acronym, which can be used as a graphic connector across touch points:

The color palette uses cool tones for seriousness, beautiful engineering, and freshness.


Snapshot of the full Visual Identity system:

One attribute core to the initiative was to deliver the content using simple and beautiful data visualization, which you can see by launching HRMI’S “Right’s Tracker,” for which we advised on Brand Architecture.  Check it out here:


Strategy: Shannon Riordan and Caroline McNally

Designer: John Ledwith