After finalizing a powerful rebrand, Achieve taps Global Brand Works for internal infusion of the new brand story

Freedom Financial underwent a transformative rebranding initiative, transitioning from a collection of disparate products and acquired companies to a unified master brand, proudly unveiling its new identity: Achieve.

The company’s new mission is singular and centers around the empowerment of individuals as they progress toward a brighter financial future.

Recognizing that internal brand activation is GBW’s speciality and secret sauce, the client selected GBW to lead the internal infusion of the new brand story – passing the baton from the agency who led the rebrand itself, Pentagram.

GBW crafted a series of viral GIFs to champion the brand story, initiating their dissemination through Ambassadors and then extending their reach to all employees following the official launch.  In this example, the GIF tells the story behind the new identity: the journey to financial freedom.

The challenge at hand was not merely to introduce the new brand but to address the natural concerns and uncertainties that accompany such a significant change. Employees were nervously curious about the investment in this rebrand, its impact on their roles, and the actions they needed to take. GBW’s mission was clear: to educate, clarify, and alleviate concerns, all while bringing the new brand story to life.

Several weeks before the external brand reveal, the entire organization convened for a pivotal all-hands meeting. An inspirational and highly produced anthem video opened the meeting to reveal the rebrand, its significance to the business, and the collective responsibility each team member held in nurturing and safeguarding the brand’s growth.

Working in tandem with Pentagram, the agency responsible for crafting the captivating visual identity system and brand name, GBW delivered an extensive year-long internal campaign. This multifaceted effort incorporated a variety of engagement tools, including events, videos, gamification, an ambassador program, and training modules, all meticulously designed to breathe life into the new brand narrative.

Achieve’s new identity is anchored in empowerment, humanity, and forward momentum—strategic pillars that are brought to life through a dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable tactics, accessible to all team members, regardless of their role within the organization.

Below is a sampling of evergreen posts which communicate the core elements of the new brand story. They are used or reformatted into various mediums, and delivered in small weekly drops across a variety of internal touchpoints.

GBW prepared a comprehensive suite of resources, including FAQs, email content, talking points, presentations, and leadership scripts, designed to help internal teams articulate the new brand story.

The most shared gifs were purposely “unslick” and funny. 

Brand Challenges tapped into the natural competitiveness of call center employees, with small awards for correct answers.

Video Backgrounds were spread virally first by Brand Ambassadors and then across the entire organization after launch.

Fun and engaging brand infusion training modules were created for 4 specific audiences: Ambassadors, Leadership, Content Creators, and All Employees

The internal brand activation initiative elevates employee engagement, reduces anxiety, improves external brand consistency, and increases brand ownership across the entire organization.

Our client Tanya Peterson, VP of Brand at Achieve, shared a video featuring examples of how employees have embraced the new brand story, “[It] showcases our Achieve employees talking about how they help our members move their finances forward — with empathy and understanding. Because they’ve been there themselves.”


  • Improved Employee Engagement: Employee surveys showed a significant increase in engagement and alignment with the new mission.
  • Reduced change anxiety: With a strategy of frequent and transparent communication, worry and anxiety was addressed and quelled before it got a stronghold.
  • Brand Consistency: The internal brand image aligned more closely with the external brand, providing a consistent experience for both Members and teammates.
  • Brand Ownership: Teammates reported a greater sense of ownership and pride in their role as brand ambassadors, leading to increased advocacy both within and outside the organization.

“Only when the brand is not only understood – but embraced – internally, will it show up authentically externally.”

– Shannon Riordan, Creative Lead, Global Brand Works

In this remarkable journey from Freedom Financial to Achieve, GBW played an instrumental role in instilling confidence, unity, and purpose throughout the organization, setting the stage for a prosperous future under the banner of a single, powerful brand.

We could not be more proud of how we’ve helped all Achieve employees achieve an understanding of a powerful and compelling brand story. 

John Ledwith
Graphic Design

Shannon Riordan
Creative Lead

Caroline McNally
Business Lead

Martin Ilievski
Video and Gifs