Xpanse brings breakthrough solar power technology to RV’ers. The compact system is smart, sleek, and stylish, and integrates seamlessly on the side of an RV. Deploying at the touch of a button, the solar awning reliably generates power and provides shade. With Xpanse, RV adventurers can explore and camp anywhere their spirit takes them. Xpanse is a quiet, clean, and renewable way to reduce carbon footprint and power unlimited journeys.

The name Xpanse was chosen for being both evocative and descriptive. It also leverages the letter X as a nod to how the product is physically designed to unfurl and contract. The core identity is rooted in two main, but mostly separately applied elements: a wordmark and an icon.

The wide spacing and the modern letterforms of the wordmark speak not only to expansive horizons and the freedom of the open road, but as a nod to the product itself, which spreads out and retracts. Bright orange and golden yellows merge in a smooth gradient that evokes the warmth, power and energy of the sun.

The icon reveals an X in the negative space, with a forward-facing arrow telling the story of movement toward untethered adventure. The use of gradients give it a 3D effect and additional interest.

The wordmark comes to life in a short animation that tells the story of the sun and shade. Sound on!

A static version is reserved for special use cases when a bold statement needs to be made.

The typography system is versatile for digital and print applications, with fonts that complement the bold elements its visual counterparts.

The color palette conveys the energy and power of the sun with simplicity. Use of of gradation gives the system energy and depth.

Photography brings the brand story to life, extolling the excitement of the call of the open road with wide landscapes, or as individuals enjoying the brand’s emotional benefits of freedom, liberation, connection, and savviness.

​Xpanse. The Power To Explore.

Shannon Riordan
Creative Director

Skye Schuchman
Graphic Design

Susan Reid

Martin Ilievski

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