An updated brand story preserves a deep-rooted legacy and poises Monticelli for the future. 

Where we started

Monticelli is a family-owned and operated painting, wall coverings and specialty finishes business, servicing top companies in the Bay Area since 1985.

The branding featured an old-world style logo and messaging that fit right in with others in the painting and specialty finishes space.

Also, Monticelli had been building out a unique practice around artisanal, creative and gorgeous murals, textures, wallpaper, and other specialty finishes; their authentic story around craftmanship was nowhere to be found.

Monticelli’s clients are some of the biggest companies in the world.

Monticelli was ready to refresh their image so that their clients will see them for what they really are: established yet modern; stable yet cutting-edge.  And also that they do so much more than paint. 

Here’s what Mary had to say about the project.

Branding is everybody’s business

When clients select Global Brand Works, they find that our process is one of co-creation and collaboration.

With that in mind, we don’t just work with the executive suite. We engage with functional teams across the organization via listening tours, workshops, and input sessions.

The collaborative process revealed passion and the company’s core values, which enabled GBW to articulate the brand’s belief statement:

We believe that positive experiences lead to beautiful transformations.

Our offerings are more than an outcome – we deliver a seamless and organized experience throughout the entire journey.

Confirming the functional and adding the emotional

Our strategy development process more precisely articulated the functional equities that have made the company so successful.

And the process also uncovered a side of Monticelli that had been hiding in plain sight: Monticelli’s artistry, and the emotional connection between the partners, the process, and the final product, which is summarized in the new Positioning statement:

Monticelli artfully transforms environments with unrelenting customer focus and a dedication to top quality.

A sophisticated, modern, confident logo

Texture Bands That Tell a Story

Taking the Visual Identity beyond just a color palette, texture bands visually reinforce that Monticelli is about finishes other than color. 

A few application rules allow creative freedom for designers, while creating a recognizable and consistent system that subtly tells the “what” of the brand story:

•There are always four horizontal bands.

•The bottom layer is always Monticelli Maroon.

•One layer is always photography of a texture (wall covering or specialty finish) or other surface that is not paint. •The other two bands have no restrictions. 

Messaging: The Voice of Monticelli


Key messages provide a common language so that every communication from Monticelli sounds like Monticelli, and only Monticelli.  Brand attributes like “give a damn,” “fun,” “wow,” and “delight” feed into both content and tone. 

Instead of falling back on perfunctory construction industry phrasing (e.g., “on time and on budget”), Monticelli’s messaging connects with the audience on both a logical (functional) and an emotional (client benefit) level—because no matter the industry, people like to feel smart/justified and also happy/gratified about their purchasing (or partnering) decision.

Everything Communicates

“Everything Communicates” is one of our mantras. Every touch point, from the obvious, such as websites and ad campaigns to the less so: the on-hold music, the email signature line, the interior design of a conference room, and the every-day corporate applications such as invoices and reports – builds a brand up, or wears it down.

Shannon Riordan
Creative Director

Kelli Peterson & Archie Group

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John Ledwith
Graphic Design