Oh Virgin!  Are you really going to go?

Commonly, the acquiring brand dismantles the acquired brand.  In this case, I (personally, not even as a brand-admirer) hoped Virgin could stay due to the power of its brand.  I LOVE Virgin (and I LIKE Alaska).

Both brands are strong, yet super different.  Alaska is unpretentious, courteous, prudent.  Virgin is disco, glam, wacky, loud.  Its hard how these two can come together in one unified voice.

Will the final decision be based on Alaska’s research alone?  Will they truly understand how deeply beloved Virgin is?  Have they seen the “Save Virgin America” FaceBook page and other petitions?  How could they let such a brand so entrenched in the hearts and minds of its people go?  As a person in branding, it feels like murder!

Alas, business is business, and it seems that some well-intentioned number-cruncher types over at Alaska have decided that routes, gates, and planes trump the power of a strong brand.  But they are wrong.  A strong brand drives business.   It allows easier entry into new markets, it attracts talent, it lands the best partnerships, it builds trust, it drives positive social impact, it allows easier entry into new markets, easier development of new products.  It is an intangible power that drives business.

Anyway, in honor of April Fool’s day I share with you this hilarious spoof, totally on-brand for Virgin (even though it is Virgin ATLANTIC).  I don’t think Alaska even did one.

Retiring the Virgin brand is the wrong decision.