All employees are responsible for growing and protecting your brand, no matter what their role is. Each and every employee should be motivated to do so with clear, fun, engaging, and ongoing brand training.

Here are 5 ways to conduct an internal brand training:

  1.  A short self-propelled online module for all employees
  2. In-person workshops for people close to customers (marketing, sales, and customer service, for instance)
  3. Onboarding content for new employees
  4. Deep-dive into brand voice and visual identity training for content creators
  5. Training for all external agencies and freelancers

For our client PayPal, we have created several employee-facing brand training modules, including 4-hour deep-dive workshops, 1-hour in-person sessions for all new employees, an online module and a webinar version for remote offices.  The result? 96% of people who complete the training report that they understand what the PayPal brand stands for and understand their role in growing and protecting it.