If you are not yet formally using metrics like NPS score, prompted/ unprompted awareness, or an annual brand tracker, here are 5 questions to get the conversation going:

  1. Your people: Can 95% of your employees tell your brand story in their own words? Or are they simply memorizing a wordy mission statement? Do they understand that all employees are responsible for growing and protecting the brand?
  2. The people you serve: Is your brand story simple enough, relevant enough, and differentiating enough that they are authentically telling it for you? Is their experience “talk worthy?”
  3. Your measurement: Are you counting clicks as a measure of success? Or are you measuring performance by how your story and the brand experience is resonating?
  4. Your brand architecture: Are your products and services organized to make it easy for users to understand, choose, and use? Or are you going to market based on how departments are organized?
  5. The look, tone, and feel of the user experience: Are you showing up consistently in how you look, what you say, and how you say it, across all mediums and touch-points? Are the flows and interactions consistent across, web, mobile, and even print?

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